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Belize Private Island Resort

Ahoy, Fellow Explorers!

Chart Your Course to Paradise: King Lewey's Island Resort Awaits!

Welcome aboard King Lewey's Island Resort – your exclusive getaway to a pirate-themed tropical haven, just a stone's throw away from the pristine shores of Placencia, Belize. Get ready to embark on an extraordinary island holiday vacation, as we whisk you away with a mesmerizing blend of sun-soaked beaches, tropical wonders, and thrilling water adventures. 

As you step foot on our private island retreat, be prepared to immerse yourself in a world where relaxation meets adventure, and hidden treasures await your discovery. Every corner of our resort exudes an authentic pirate allure, taking you on a journey to uncharted territories and thrilling exploits.

So, raise your sails and heed the sea's captivating call as you set forth to King Lewey's Island Resort – where imagination turns into  awe-inspiring reality. Don't miss out on the voyage of a lifetime – book your unforgettable experience now!

Our Island

Experience the epitome of serenity as you delve into an unparalleled oasis of tropical splendor. Situated 12 miles from the shores of Placencia, Belize, King Lewey's Island Resort invites you to surrender to tranquility. Here, guests are offered a genuine immersion into the very essence of the island, providing uniquely tailored experiences perfect for every type of traveler.