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Paradise All Year Round: All-Inclusive Packages at King Lewey's Island Resort in Belize

Belize All-Inclusive All Year Round

Belize is known for its tropical climate and beaches, but did you know it stays warm and sunny all year long? At King Lewey's Island Resort, we are taking advantage of Belize's ideal weather with our new All-inclusive Packages available 365 days a year. So, whether you visit in the winter or summer, you can unwind in paradise with everything taken care of.


Our Pirate Island Retreat All-Inclusive Package offers an extraordinary tropical getaway experience in Belize. This package invites guests to fully enjoy the beauty of our island and create unforgettable memories. With all of the remarkable accommodation options included, guests will discover a realm of unparalleled rustic charm. Throughout you stay, you will be treated to an exceptional dining experience featuring a delectable selection of Belizean inspired cuisine. And why not quench your thirst with unlimited local drinks, while enjoying our kayaks, paddle-boards, snorkel and fishing gear, as well as a variety of island games for endless fun and adventure. So, whether it's exploring the vibrant coral reefs off our dock or simply unwinding in a hammock under a palm tree, this all-inclusive package promises a perfect tropical escape great for couples, families, or groups who want to have a blast in Belize.


Anglers, rejoice! This incredible new fly-fishing package presents an incredible opportunity for an unparalleled fly-fishing experience at an unbeatable price. With access to some of the best fishing spots in Belize, including Paradise Flats which is a 5-minute boat ride away, guests can experience the excitement of catching Permit, Bonefish, and Tarpons in crystal-clear tropical waters. These recently introduced packages provide accommodations, meals, roundtrip island transfers, and several days dedicated to fly fishing. With expert guides right by their side, anglers who book with package can enjoy a more rewarding adventure and aim for the grand slam of fly fishing. As with all our other packages, we ensure a seamless blend of comfort and adventure, allowing anglers to relax in charming accommodations and savor delectable cuisine inspired by local flavors. Our all-inclusive fly-fishing packages, enjoy the thrill of fly-fishing in crystal clear waters, surrounded by stunning coral reefs and sun-kissed tropical breeze.


Your wedding day may have been a whirlwind of joy and celebration, but now it's time to slow down and savor the beginning of your happily ever after. Our all-inclusive honeymoon package is a dreamy escape for any couple. Set amidst azure waters and breathtaking panoramic views, this package promises the summer romance feels all year round. With spacious accommodations and a range of curated experiences, couples can create unforgettable memories together. Each and every moment is thoughtfully crafted to kindle passion and honor a love that stands the test of time, be it through intimate dinners illuminated by flickering candles under the night sky, thrilling snorkeling adventures amidst lively coral reefs, or an adventurous outing featuring zip-lining, cave tubing, and a refreshing waterfall swim. Spoil yourself with sumptuous meals featuring tropical delights and sip on local drinks while basking in the enchanting ambiance of our tropical island getaway. With its idyllic setting and thoughtful additions, our honeymoon package sets the stage for an intimate and treasured start to marital bliss.

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